Instagram Guide


Instagram Guide


A comprehensive 60-page guide, detailing 12 steps to growing your Instagram audience authentically. 

Ideal for brands, business owners and individuals, who want to increase their following organically, grow engagement and gain stronger ROI.

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Ever wondered why, despite your hard work and best efforts, things just don't seem to grow the way you want them to on Instagram?

Instagram has changed a lot since the day it first launched and it's meant that consumer habits have changed also - and as a business, you need to change too.

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools to promote your business, increase sales and grow your audience. Hundreds of thousands of businesses make a LOT of money via social media, Instagram especially, and you should be no different.

Getting it right is tough. There are a lot of rumours and a lot of fake advice sites, offering suggestions and how to's - meaning that you could be spending a lot of time doing it all wrong.

This extensive 60 page guide to Instagram offers you a fully comprehensive manual on how to get it right. Whether you're a product based business or a personal based service - this guide is for you.

What we cover:
- Niche and target identification

- How to effectively schedule and strategise content

- The best ways to increase your engagement

- How to grow your following, audience and in turn increase your sales

- How to take better Instagram photography - that gets you noticed

- How to make better Instagram stories

- And why they're so important

- The secrets to hashtags

- Content creation and effective use of copy

- The strength in authentic connection and how to build more of it

- Understanding the new Instagram algorithms and how to navigate them

- The best ways to partner with other brands for mutual success

- Analysing the data and why it's important

- How to use paid advertising effectively